Lyra is 9-yrs old!

| May 21, 2015

Does anyone even read this anymore? 😛 Today I decided I am going to start writing again! It’s been way too long! And I miss it… For starters, Lyra just turned 9 this month. And today was her last day of 3rd grade!  I don’t even know where to begin with everything else that’s been […]

High Expectations

| July 16, 2009

Lyra is doing extremely well developmentally.  Right now, as far as her cognitive abilities and milestones, she seems to be at about the same level as her older brother and sister at that age. Part of this, I’m sure is because of the extra attention she’s been given via early intervention services.  But I think […]

Goals and Milestones Met- 20 months

| December 31, 2008

Lyra has been a busy girl.  These are current IFSP goals that she has met and a whole bunch of other milestones she’s met.   Mommy has been a busy mommy.   I have a ton of updates I need to write about and hopefully I’ll get those posts written over the next few days.  IFSP GOALS […]

Language Development- 2 years 1 month

| June 10, 2008

Most parents know how hard it can be to get your child to “perform” on command, but I decided to give it a shot. 😛 Here is Lyra showing off some of the words she’s learned over the last couple of months.   She has been receiving regular speech therapy for the last month.  Lyra even […]

Milestones 1-2 years

| May 19, 2008

These are some of the milestones Lyra met over this past year. They are not in any particular order. There have been so many! I don’t want to forget them. These are all I could remember. I’ll add more as I think of them. pulls string to move toy along open cabinets and drawers kick […]

She Can’t be 2 ALREADY!

| May 11, 2008

In approximately 12.5 hours, my baby will be TWO!!! I am just not ready. It’s just awful for me really. All of my babies are growing up too quickly, but Lyra is my last baby. Even thinking about her not being a baby anymore makes me cry. Ahhhh… I’m just a big sap. Even though […]

Down the Stairs-Like a Pro

| September 29, 2007

We’ve had some surprising new developments on the stairs this week. Notice how she looks down AND feels the edge with her foot. She’s a very quick learner. We’re so proud of her. Click Here →Like a Pro

Getting Her Point Across

| September 19, 2007

In the span of one day, without any coaching or prompting, Lyra has figured out how to: 1. Take her pants off…followed by her diaper(before today, had only taken her diaper off). 2. Take everything out of a laundry basket, flip it over, and then climb on top of it and stand up….and then fall […]