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Posted By on August 20, 2008

This past spring, our family attended an event at our local Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired called Literacy Lollapalooza.  This all day workshop type event included a variety of sessions designed to promote literacy in children with visual impairments.  One of the activities that was talked about in a couple of the sessions was making your own book, specifically making a book about something in your childs life, an “experience book.”  You could write a book about a visit to grandma’s or a trip to the zoo.  You could make a book about a daily routine like making dinner or bath time.  You can draw the pictures for your book, use real photographs or even cut pictures out of ads and magazines.  Let your child help as much as possible by drawing or pasting pictures, putting pages in order, even providing the words for the story by telling you what a picture is about.

The book we made with Lyra is called Lyra Plays Outside.  It’s about all the things she has to do before she gets to go outside and play, like putting on sunscreen and her hat. :)  Lyra LOVES her new book!  She asks to read it a million times a day and she is already beginning to memorize it.  Sometimes she can predict what the next page is going to say and says it out loud before I have a chance to read it. We made 2 versions, one on blue card stock and one on yellow card stock.  We weren’t sure which one she would prefer as far as contrast and glare.

To see what her storybook was about, click below to watch the “movie” inspired by the book.  😛 LOL

Lyra Plays Outside


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  1. Cassandra says:

    What a terrific idea! I love your blog, you always have such wonderful things on it!

  2. Kelli Meister says:

    What an adorable video! I love the book idea. What a great way to get our kids reading.

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  4. angelique says:

    I have been running around on the NOAH site this morning. I have a book I am working on and I have a character in it who may have albinism–I need a reason he lives inside all day and I don’t want it to be xp–I have learned much on this website and then I saw your blog. The character is a positive portrayal by the way—

    You have a way to reach people and as I have seen all the reports of eyesight difficulty , being a parent myself of two without albinism, I thought I would share something my kids love…

    AUDIO BOOKS–I can’t tell you how many parents never consider these for their kids. My girls have been listening to books on tape since the age of 2—there are many available through for downloading or through amazon(it is harder to find them there) –winnie the pooh, the Harry potters, alice in wonderland, stuart little–so many amazing titles that for a kid with the added difficulty of vision impairment these would be a wonderful addition to their lives and minds. Libraries also loan them. My kids love them–we listen in the car as well and it has added to their attention spans. I love it because we are not listening to Disney radio for every car ride!!!

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