Tanzania: Ignorance is Deadly

Posted By on October 12, 2008

In Tanzania, a country in east Africa, more than 28 people with albinism, including a 7-month old baby, have been murdered.  Their body parts are being sold to witchdoctors to be made into potions.  It is a widespread belief that these potions bring riches and have magical powers.

I first started hearing about this unbelievably horrible situation back in June through my Google Alerts that led me to the following news article: Albinos, Long Shunned, Face Threat in Tanzania.  Not long after that, on the Positive Exposure blog , Rick Guidotti mentioned that he was planning to travel to Tanzania in October to address the situation.  I continued receiving news and blog alerts over the last few months including alerts to these articles:  Fighting the Stigma of Albinism and The Albinism Murders in Tanzania.

Finally, there is a way everyone can help.  Last month, I received an email from NOAH about the organization, Under the Same Sun.  The Under The Same Sun Fund is a Canadian nonprofit organization headed up by Peter Ash.  Peter is a person with albinism, who is also a business leader and member of NOAH.  Under the Same Sun has partnered with Rick Guidotti of Positive Exposure and they will be leaving for Tanzania on October 19th to try to help the albinism community there.  They have put together a petition to present to the Tanzanian government, condemning the murders of 28 people with albinism so far this year.  The currently have over 4000 signatures and are hoping to have at least 10,000 before they leave.

Please sign the petition on the Under The Same Sun website and email everyone you know asking them to do the same.


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