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Session with TVI and OT

| October 15, 2008

Normally Lyra’s TVI and OT come separately.  Lately they have been coming for visits together to try and work with Lyra outside where she is less familiar with the environment.  However, the last two Tuesday’s when they have come, it has been raining outside. So, here is a video of their latest visit. 

Lyra the Songster

| September 26, 2008

I post a lot of videos of Lyra. 😀 I do this not just to entertain, but also to support my overall purpose of starting this site. I’m not sure if they really HELP other parents of children with albinism.  I hope that for NEW parents of a child with albinism, watching these videos gives […]

Literacy Lollapalooza

| August 20, 2008

This past spring, our family attended an event at our local Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired called Literacy Lollapalooza.  This all day workshop type event included a variety of sessions designed to promote literacy in children with visual impairments.  One of the activities that was talked about in a couple of the sessions was […]

Lyra’s Hoedown!

| July 19, 2008

This is HILARIOUS!   It is Lyra dancing, singing, and playing a pitch pipe!   She is such a ham!  😛

Rotting Her Teeth & Rotting Her Brain

| January 8, 2008

Lyra had her first candy sucker this week. It was quite an interesting and entertaining event. She first got a “taste” of the sucker earlier that day during a visit to the doctor. We had to put it away shortly after the taste, when the doctor came in the room. Later that evening Lyra was […]