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New Song

| May 6, 2011

Nothing better to post right now.  School/IEP updates coming soon! 😀

Can’t I Just Get a CHART?

| December 10, 2009

Her bus arrives home after school one day – Lyra walks in the front door and drops her backpack on the floor.  As she’s taking her coat off, I ask her, “How was your day?”  “Good” she says…and just before I’m able to ask my next question, she adds, “and I didn’t learn anything new […]

Lyra’s Lazy Mommy

| November 7, 2009

This takes so much less effort than actually WRITING a post. I hope to start writing again soon though.  Make photo slide shows at

Lyra Goes Roller Skating

| February 25, 2009

Last month at her big brother’s birthday party, Lyra got to go roller skating.  She did surprisingly well for her first attempt at skating.  I expected her to be scared or at least more hesitant because of all the other skaters zooming by.  She had a blast!

Photos- February 2009

| February 24, 2009

The Real Albinism

| June 2, 2007

I have recently been talking with Kansas City area film maker Xavier Dejesus. He is making a documentary about albinism called “Can You See Me?” As a parent of a child with albinism, he intends to present a positive and realistic representation of albinism. He also wants to focus on the social aspects of albinism […]