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Vision Update- 22 months

| April 11, 2008

I have been meaning to post this for several weeks. Lyra visited her pediatric ophthalmologist for a check-up last month. They dialated her eyes this time to see if her refractive error had changed, and it did. Her prescription changed from +2.50 to +3.25 in her left eye and from +2.75 to +3.75 in her […]

Early Session with TVI and OT

| March 10, 2008

This is an older video, but it’s a good one to have on here for everyone to see. This is of one of Lyra’s first few sessions, either 3rd or 4th, with her Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) and Occupational Therapist (OT). She is 5 and a half months old. Her TVI and OT […]

Perception is Not Reality

| March 10, 2008

I have added quite a few more kids since I first wrote about this, so I am just reposting it and adding it to the video section. Make video montages at

Shop-Toys, Books, & Sun Protection

| March 1, 2008

After working on this little project for over a month now, I am finally ready to present this to all of you: Because of the unique needs of children with albinism, it can a very challenging task finding helpful products. I thought it would be nice if parents could find toys and books that are […]

Speech Evaluation & IFSP Update

| February 19, 2008

‘Ehhhwhoa’ and ‘Buh-bah’= Hello and Goodbye Lyra’s speech development is still delayed, and she has yet to begin receiving actual services from a speech therapist. This will begin next week. She was evaluated in October, but the evaluation was incomplete. In addition to that, staffing issues caused a delay in beginning services, so we had […]

Lyra’s Updated “Business” Card

| February 18, 2008

We have recently updated the “business” cards we had made a while back. We changed the pictures, replacing them with more recent ones. I also changed the wording on the back slightly. In case you haven’t seen the previous post about how/why we made these cards, you can view that post here: Here’s My Card […]

Getting Glasses

| July 19, 2007

Lyra has developed enough of a refractive error to need glasses. They are for farsightedness and the strength is +2.5 in one eye and +2.75 in the other. Her PO was going to wait another 6 months. I asked if we could go ahead and get them, as long as there was not HARM in […]

Here’s My Card

| May 20, 2007

Here is an idea. Maybe I’m a little obsessive, but oh well. For anyone who has seen NOAH’s albinism info. “business card, you’ll notice I modeled ours after it. I first got the idea to make something like this after Lyra’s TVI told me about a parent who got sick of answering the same questions […]