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Vision Update- 2 years 9 months

| March 14, 2009

Lyra had a check-up with her pediatric ophthalmologist last month. ¬†They didn’t dialate her eyes at this visit. The health of her eyes is good, normal. Her nystagmus hasn’t changed…it remains minimal, in both the speed and the distance of the eye movements. The alignment of her eyes is still good…no crossing. I’m really trying […]

Strabismus Surgery Success

| March 24, 2007

Before After Lyra’s surgery went very well. I think she did better than I did. The surgery itself only took about 40 minutes and then she stayed in the recovery room about an hour. That was a really long hour for me to wait. I didn’t think it would take so long for her to […]

It’s A Go For Strabismus Surgery

| March 8, 2007

Lyra will be having bilateral strabismus surgery next Tuesday, March 13th. Both of Lyra’s eyes cross inward. The purpose of this surgery is to straighten her eyes. By improving the appearance of her eyes it will hopefully improve her psychological and emotional development. The realignment of her eyes may also improve her depth perception and […]