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Posted By on January 26, 2009

Lyra’s Well Organized Toy Cabinet

I thought I would take this opportunity I have using this wonderful photo of Lyra’s toy explosion, to tell you about some of the cool toys/games Lyra got for Christmas.   Think of it as an I Spy game…  The 5 toys/games I talk about and have pictured below, are all somewhere in the mess of toys above. 😛


Fridge Phonics

I love Fridge Phonics.  This toy, made by Leap Frog, was definitely worth the $15 I paid.  The letters are big enough and bright enough for her to see and it’s just a really fun toy overall.  Lyra is going to be learning both print and braille.  A braille version of Fridge Phonics would be AWESOME!  It would definitely be a great way to make learning braille a little more fun and interesting.   I wrote a letter to Leap Frog!  😀


Texture Match-Ups

I got this toy on sale at Constructive Playthings for $3.50.   I couldn’t pass it up.   The idea is to match each circle to the square with the matching texture.  This is a good pre-braille activity for Lyra.  Just looking at the picture above, you’d think it would be really easy and that you could just cheat and match them by color instead of texture.   However you don’t play the game with the texture side of the squares facing you.   The squares actually spin around on little pegs, so you don’ see them and you have feel around on the back side of them and decide which texture it is.   Then when you are done with all 5, you turn the squares around to see which ones you got right or wrong.   There are 8 different pairs of textures total.  Some of them are easy, but some are really kind of hard.



Zingo is a game I first heard about from one of the moms on the NOAH AOC.  As you can tell from the name, Zingo is a like a bingo game.  It’s more challenging than Lyra’s Barnyard Bingo game, but much easier than a regular bingo game would be.  This is a good game for her because she really has to work and user her vision to figure out where to put the chips.  The high contrast on the Zingo chips and game cards make that very doable.


Color Clown Sort and Pattern Kit

In a previous post, I had mentioned that we were planning on buying this.  It is a very versatile toy/game.  Lyra has already mastered the color sorting and a few of the pattern cards. She still likes sorting them over and over again.  We will be able to use this for a variety of learning activities in the future.  Her 6-yr old brother prefers flinging the clowns across the room.  >: [


Number Sorter

My best description of this toy would be that it is a counting stacker type wooden puzzle toy.  lol  There is one square that has one hole in it…two squares that have 2 holes in them…three squares that have 3 holes, etc, all the way up to 5.   This was REALLY challenging for Lyra when she first started playing with it.   One thing we did to make it a little bit easier, visually, was color the end of each of the pegs black with a permanent marker.  This was my super deal of the season!   I got this puzzle/stacker at Constructive Playthings for only $1.50.  It was on clearance at more than $10 off the original price!  The only problem now is that I can’t find it ANYWHERE in an online store.  There are lots of similar puzzles out there, but I can’t find one this basic.


3 Responses to “I Spy”

  1. Rachelle says:

    I love the picture of Lyra enjoying her toy shelf…that is so funny!

  2. Cassandra says:

    That picture is too funny! We have the first set of Fridge Phonics that came out and after 4 years it is still a well loved toy in our house. I think I may have to buy a new one though because Kaetlyn has had fun with carrying the pieces in her purse and now we don’t have the full alphabet. We also have the fridge farm and they love that as well! I love the idea of the texture match up, I may have to look into getting that for my girls! You always find the greatest things!

  3. Kelli Meister says:

    Ryker also received the fridge toy for Christmas and he loves it! He knows his “R” is yellow and is working on finding it amongest the other yellow letters! Lyra’s toy cabinet looks very similar to the one at our house!

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